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Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY acoustic panels

This time I'll show you some acoustic panels I've made.
The various panels makes a sort of DIY vocal-boot, for my modest home studio.

But first:
Sound-clips talks, bullshit walks

Room without treatment:

and, with acoustic panels:

The pros of doing it like this are:
1) It's rather cheap
2) It's removable. Setup/down-time is like 10min. So ideal for a multi-function room.
3) Works quite well

So, here are some pictures

This is the room with no treatment.
Low ceiling (189cm), wood panels
and large corners for bass buildup.
Me doing the audio-clips

Fold-able acoustic panel
Here it is open, ready for use

Adding hanging panels for side and ceiling.

Another type of mounting the panels
Here from the inside

Final booth, left
Final both, right. With opening for access.
A madras is covering a gap.
The acoustic panels are 30mm high density Rockwool.
The hangers are mounted with curtain wire.

Mic. used: C1 jj mod
Preamp: ssl9k (diy)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Converter test: Behringer ADA8000 and RME Hdsp 9632

This is a loopback-test for the converters and clocks of:

1) Behringer ADA8000
2) Rme Hdsp 9632

I've tested with a loopback of a mono wav-file. The original in 44,1khz/16bit, recoring in 44,1khz/24bit.
I've done 40 passes of each.
The original is normalized to rms-value , and each take is then adjusted to same value (0,1ms window. This gives peaks within 0,8db). Setup is within +-1,5db for in/out.
The playlist is wav 44,1khz/16bit with peaks around -2dbfs.

Edit: I've just discovered Soundcload streams in 128kbps. That's just lame for this kind of listening. Will provide some better listening.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

G-Suns ReaBundle

A ReaBundle

This is part 2 of G-Suns Reaper Newbie Guide

In most other DAWs, you'll find many bundled effects and instruments. Reaper is not like this -there are no or few native instruments. Reapers effects (eq, compressor etc.) on the other hand are simple but good -try them!

Here I present to you some of the most praised and used free effects and instruments, enabling you to make excellent music and mixes. And I've added some affordable good options where I believe they are worth mentioning. These are my personal recommendations and of course: All credit goes to the makers of these plugins!

You'll need a place for your vsts, samples, something like this:
"D:\Reaper Projects\" (for your project audio- and Reaperfiles )
"E:\Sample Library\" (for various sample libraries)
"E:\IRs\"  (Impulse-responses goes here)
(Be sure to tell Reaper where the vsts are according to user guide 1.16)

Main packages
  1. The Variety of Sound plugins (Bootsie. Download all of them, top notch plugins)
  2. XLN Audio: Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys (the demos, one installer)
  3. vladgsound: Molot (comp) and Limiter No6

Instruments by category

  • XLN Addictive Keys. The demo is limited to 48keys, but that's pretty usable for most stuff.
  • Piano One


I'm no synth-guy, so I'll just pass on a few highly praise ones:


  • IK Multimedia, Sample Tank 3 Free

Effects by category

  • ReaEq, native
  • Bootsie
  • vladsound Limiter No6
  • Loser/MGA JS Limiter (a zero-latency native limiter)
  • LoudMax. A Look-Ahead Maximize (like Waves L1) 
  • ReaDelay, native
  • NastyDLA, Bootsie 
  • EpicVerb, from Bootsie (VarietyOfSound)
  • MVerb, a simple but good algorithmic reverb
  • Valhalla Room ($50), a top algorithmic reverb
  • ReaVerb, native
    You'll need some  impulse-responses (IRs), from Bricasti (here)
    How to use, see SOS article

GitarAmp Modelling
BassAmp modelling
  • TSE B.O.D
  • IK Multimedia, Amplitube, BA500 ($15-40?)
    My personal favorite.

For more free stuff, check out these links:

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