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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Building a small studio - Part 3: Floor, walls and roof

In Part 2 I layed out the overall plan for my sound-studio.
In this post I'll go into the details for walls, roof and floor.


As it is, the floor is a divided in a section with concrete-slab (no: betong-såle) and a wooden construction on concrete poles.
Concrete-slab and wood

 My plan is this:

The acoustic underlay of 20mm is high-density floor-insulation (no: trinnlydsplater), like this.

Question: The plan for the floor is creating some treaple-leaf-effect. Is it good enough? Any other way to do this?
Qustion: Any alternatives for using the asphalt-plates? 
Isssue: It's not much space below the studs: I don't know how well I can stuff in the insulation, not to mention to put the asphalt-plates on.

Edit: I need to give the studio-floor a second thouht. Maybe it should be reflective and wood-based. Plywood maybe.

Update: http://www.johnlsayers.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17820


Walls are currently studs with "barn-clothing" (no: låvekledning).

My plan is this:

For the walls with door and window (east and west) I plan 2x4" studs with 10cm insulation for the inner walls. That's for easier installation of door and window.
For the two other walls I'm using 1,5x3" studs and 7cm insulation.

Update: http://www.johnlsayers.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17826


My plan for the walls applies for the inner roof as well (1,5x3" / 7cm) .

 Like this:

Updated plan:

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Appendix 1: More pictures

Building a small studio - Part 1: The starting point

appendix 1: More pictures from before building the studio

From south easth

North (back)

Foundation for studio

Under studio

Where concrete floor and wood floor meet

Studs in 2,12m hight from floor

Exposed studs

Some repair needed

Barn electricity with one circut of 16A/230V

Friday, September 14, 2012

Building a small studio - Part 2: The plan

In Part1 I described how things are now.
In this post I'll try to formulate a plan for the new sound-studio, with pictures and drawings.

Note 1: This is plan version 1, and will probably change according to feedback from more experienced studio-builders and  knew insight along the way.
Note 2: Details about the plan will be posted in later posts.
See toc for overview.

General idea

My general idea is this:

3D-modell. Click for bigger image.
Front, from south

I'll make a double-wall construction for the sound-studio, 12,8 and 8,9/11,5cm wide, with a gap of 1cm. So that basically aplies for walls and roof. For the floor it's a floating (no: trinnlydspate) with insulation under.

This give me a space of 4,25m x 3,14 m and a hight of approx. 3,17m, in this shape:

Giving me a room-volume of .. (< 40m3)

My mixing-position will be facing north, with monitor-monitor-myhead making a triangle of 3 x 1,2m (approx)

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bassguitar mod - Part 1

The Morgan YB-48 is a (Norwegian model only?) bassguitar that looks like this (left picture)


Stock it has this setup:
  • Neck: Jazzbass-style bridge pickup
  • Bridge: Musicman Stingray -style pickup
  • Electronics: Preamp/active electronic
  • Volume, Balance, Bass and Treble pots


After some usage, I found myself not to happy about the sound. So, I did some mod/upgrade to:
  • Neck: Fender Jazzbass '75 Bridge-pickup
  • Electronics: Passive jazzbass pots (vol, vol, tone)

Here are some soundclips before/ after

44/16 wav.zip /all files here

Note: Of course not identical takes, so very unscientific 

My conclusions

 I realy liked the change. But, it seemed obvious to me that the bridge-pickup wasn't to happy about the passive mod. So, that brings me to Part 2 of the bassguitar modding..