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Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY acoustic panels

This time I'll show you some acoustic panels I've made.
The various panels makes a sort of DIY vocal-boot, for my modest home studio.

But first:
Sound-clips talks, bullshit walks

Room without treatment:

and, with acoustic panels:

The pros of doing it like this are:
1) It's rather cheap
2) It's removable. Setup/down-time is like 10min. So ideal for a multi-function room.
3) Works quite well

So, here are some pictures

This is the room with no treatment.
Low ceiling (189cm), wood panels
and large corners for bass buildup.
Me doing the audio-clips

Fold-able acoustic panel
Here it is open, ready for use

Adding hanging panels for side and ceiling.

Another type of mounting the panels
Here from the inside

Final booth, left
Final both, right. With opening for access.
A madras is covering a gap.
The acoustic panels are 30mm high density Rockwool.
The hangers are mounted with curtain wire.

Mic. used: C1 jj mod
Preamp: ssl9k (diy)