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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Building a small studio - The big halt

So, I've been planning my new sound-studio, converting part of our shed into a functional one room recording and mixing room. Then, realizing what needed to be done, things have come to a big halt - a musical G.P. (General Pause).

In order to get a good small studio-room in our shed I would have to:
  • Redo the floor completely, making it concrete, leveled and with insulation and heating.
  • Redo the outer wall completely.
  • Build a room in the room (inner room)
  • Redu most of the rafter-structure, possibly two new ridge beams.
  • Replacing 90% of all studs
  • Redo the roof with heavier sub-roof
  • Redo the electrical completely
  • And then all the inside-room acoustic taming and tweaking.
So, then it seems like less work to tear it all down and start from the bottom. And then, I might as well build something from scratch on another spot on our property.

So it's time to rethink the whole project..

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