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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Double garage to studio - Original drawings and graphics

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2D Groundplan:

Here are the original drawings for the garage:

Double garage to studio - #1 Overview

I'm planning to convert our double garage into a sound studio.

This is my second attempt to get a functional room for recording and mixing (last attempt here)

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My  goal is to have a good place for recording and mixing music, mostly for myself, one instrument at a time -e.g vocal, ac.guitar, percussion. But it should also work for a band with drums, or several people doing voice-over. Sound-isolation aim is 60db. It should also be a nice room to be in.

..edits to come :)

Double garage to studio - Pictures1

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Here's some pictures from before the conversion into studio.

From East

Garage door and second door

Second door
Expanded clay 8cm
Expanded cley, 8cm and 13cm
Outer door


3rd door (for inner wall)