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Saturday, June 12, 2010


After working a lot with tempo-changes over the last years, I've reached some conclusions:
  • In music, tempo-changes are always curves (never straight lines)
Unfortunately it seems to me that DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) use mostly step-based tempo-changes (This is similar to digital interpretation of audio-waveforms). I can understand this from a technical point of view, because the tempo is the foundation for a song in the DAW, and then needs to be rock steady.

However I would like to see a DAW with:
  • Tempo-envelopes (at least Reaper has this today, but only flat lines)
  • Nodes and curves
  • Vector-based, or mimicing vector-based curves
  • Record tempo-possibility (Example: You can use an expression-pedal or midi-slider to adjust and record the tempo as you play along)
..but, I'm a dreamer :)