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Friday, August 31, 2012

Building a small studio - Part1: The starting point

So, we've moved house, and I'm about to build my new sound-studio..

 The goal

My goal is a one-room, budget-studio. I'll be recording and mixing in same room, with mostly me doing things alone. I'm planning it big enough for a trio with drumset, but no vocal-booth -at least not for now. Budget is tight, so it'll have to be a few compromises and DIY-solutions.

I'll often record vocal, acoustic guitar, some percussion and misc.

What is

The house is a shed, located on the middle of our plot, with trucks passing by at 60-70km/h 150m away, and occasionally some planes passing by. So, this means I have to to my sound-proofing well.
Shed with planned sound studio in the left part.

The hight is 1 1/2 floor. And the interior is currently a small garage, an isolated room and a room for firewood and tools.

The sound-studio will be inside the blue arrows 442cm x 339cm, possibly the 442 (magenta) arrow.

Floor, walls and roof

Walls: The outside walls of the shed are typically built with 2x4" studs, with "barn-clothing" (Norwegian expression, no: låvekledning).
Floor: The floor is one part concrete fundament, another part studs (2x4") on concrete poles with hardwood on top.
Roof: The roof is studs, some hardwood slats and metall-plates on top (yes, those that make most noise if raining)
1st floor: Studs with hardwood


  • I'm a building/construction newbie, so please read, comment and give advise with that in mind. Thank you!
  • Please inform me if I'm using wrong words or if you don't understand. I'm not to good at building construction  words in Norwegian, and worse in English :)

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 Appendix 1: More pictures

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  1. Have you’ve started building your new studio? Well, I think all of it is well-prepared! Being prepared and organized is important in construction because it keeps you from committing mistakes that might cost you money and resources. It can also make the building process easier, as you already know what to do and where things are going.

  2. Thanks for your comment :)
    I had to stop this particular plan, see: