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Monday, December 16, 2013

A Reaper Newbie Guide


Welcome to this Reaper Newbie Guide!
The guide is aimed at you who are new to Reaper and maybe DAWs in general.
There are three  main sections:

Part I
a) The Reaper essentials.
  What you need and how to get started.
b) The Reaper add-ons.
  Themes, control-surfaces and handy stuff.

Part II 
A ReaBundle
  Instruments and effects to make music (may be refereed to as G-Suns ReaBundle)

The Reaper essentials

1) If you haven't done so already. Download Reaper ( 64bit ) and install.
2) Download the User Guide by Geoffrey Francis
3) Download and install the SWS-extension
(Tip! You may find various manuals. Grab 'm all and save into Reapers home directory e.g. "C:\Users\'YourName'\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\Docs"(win). They'll then show up in Reapers help-menu )

Getting started
Now, when you start Reaper, the minimum you'll have to do is to set up in/out audio and midi (at least audio out). Read manual 1.12 and 1.15.
The next thing is telling Reaper where you have your vst-plugins. Read manual 1.16
Then reading the whole manual is an excellent idea. But let's admit it: That's a lot of pages..
You'll maybe find Geoffreys QuickStartManual shorter and very handy :)

  The Reaper add-ons

Some links

Video Tutorials


  1. Very nice. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing nice blog. Sounds like a great way to keep kids focused and motivated!

  3. It's says three main parts, and then lists part 1 and part 2 with part 3 completely missing.

    Not very promising, especially for newbies. Confusing them already in the intro.

    Not attacking as a guide for noobs is a very good idea, but I know I would drop it if I saw that. Means the rest is almost bound to be equally error-ridden.

    1. Sorry you didn't find the second part. It's on a separate page here:

    2. Edit: I see my labels "parts" is confusing as first page consist of two parts. Changed the wording a little.