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Sunday, October 4, 2015

My mix position acoustics

I have a home-studio. And I knew my mix-position has less then ideal acoustics.
But, I wanted to know better, to have a closer look at how things are.

That means testing and measuring.


I'm experiencing poor bass-definition, and bass-boosts. It's hard to use monitors for eq-decissions, relying much on headphones.
I've treated main reflection-points, and one corner with 30mm high density Rockwool. Though it helped a lot, I'm eager to see some more detailed analysis.

I used

- REW, Room EQ Wizard (software)
- Cad 179 (mic)
- A spl-meter (from Clas Ohlson)

My speakers are: Krk Rokit 5 G1
and I used my Mackie vlz3 (preamp and monitor-controller) and Rme Hdsp audio interface

My setup for measuring on my listening position.
Back wall and corner


I measured my mix-position, left speaker, right speaker, left + right,
and 4 other positions, typical for second person listening, or moving around a little.


All graphs have 1/6octave-smoothing

Left, and right speaker.

My mix-position (L+R) with avearge of room-positions.
Waterfall diagram for main position. 30-300hz, 1000ms


  • The measurements clearly show the trouble I'm experiencing in the bass-area.
    • 59hz +7db
    • 96-101hz is +12db
    • 271-300hz, 560hz, 782hz and 1,1khz  -5db
    • 383-487hz +4db
  • And left speaker is very poorly placed in the corner compared with right speaker. 
  • Then sustained frequencies ringing for more than 1000ms for 41 and 50hz; 83hz maybe more relevant.


My setup, monitors, room and acoustic treatment is poor, and it's hard to use it for mixing. I'll be relying much on my headphones for eq decisions still.