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Monday, December 12, 2011

Preamps: HJFP2 - UA610 - Onyx

A new preamp shootout:
  • Hamptone HJFP2 (main object of shootout)
  • Universal Audio 610 solo
  • Mackie Onyx 800R
All files can be found Here (mp3 and wav.zip)

Source > Hamptone HJFP2 > RME Hdsp 9632 converter
Source > UA 610 solo > RME Hdsp 9632 converter
Source > Mackie Onyx 800R > Mackie Onyx 800R converter

Mics: Matched pair of Røde NT5, unless otherwise stated

NT5 and DI are identical takes, the others are not.
All clips ar normalized with 500ms RMS-window

UA 610: G4 L9 means Gain set to 4, level set to 9 (1-10 both)
HJFP2: I've built this myself, still have a few issues to solve. But except the noise-floor, these clips I belive are fairly representative.
1 - You may hear some PC noice on the condeser mic clips. Sorry, didn't bother/remember to shield the recordings.
2 - The HJFP2 channel I'm using has 5-6db more noise than the other (needs to be fixed), but it's not a big thing.
BassDI pickup: Middle position, Morgan YB-48
El.guitar: Middle pickup, Yamaha Pacifica 112J

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