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Thursday, September 22, 2011

UA 610 solo vs. Mackie Onyx

A new preamp-shootout. It's a little bit oranges and apples this time.
But, as I needed the test for myself, I might as well share it with you.

- UA 610 solo 1channel, tube pre, $700
- Mackie Onyx 800r 8ch, transistor pre, with AD-convertors, $1000

UA 610 solo
Mackie 800r

Vocal, NT5:
A: Onyx  UA610-L10
B: Onyx UA610-G10

Guitar, NT5:
A: Onyx  UA610-L10

Bass DI:
A: Onyx  UA610-L10

You can find all files, 16 bit wav.zip and mp3, Here
Additional folder for C1jjMod Vocal, Cad M179 Vocal and SM58 Vocal

Technical information:
Røde NT 5 (matched pair) > Onyx > Onyx AD
Røde NT 5 (matched pair) > UA 610 solo > RME Hdsp 9632

Not matched converters, but.. that's life :)

You can find all files, 16 bit wav.zip and mp3, Here
Additional folder for C1jjmod_vocal, Cad M179_vocal, SM58_vocal and BassDI

For the NT5-files and BassDI, the takes are identical.
For the other folders, it's different takes.

UA 610 solo: L10 means Level 10 (clearest setting), G10 means Gain 10 (tubiest setting)

Recorded at -10bdFS (+-3db), normalized with RMS-window 0.3-2s (depending on source)


  • The UA 610 solo is just a very good preamp
    • In the clean setting, it's rather clean and neutral
    • When dialing in some more gain, it really gives you something extra.
    • Rocks on DI Bass
    • It's balanced in the low end
    • and pleasant sounding in the high end
  • The Onyx, though being a useful preamp for most sources, does not have the same pro-studio-quality. Though, this should be expected when comparing features and prices.
I'm just very happy with getting this into my studio. I can't think of any source that the UA 610 solo wouldn't handle well.

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