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Friday, September 9, 2011

Gap 73 vs. Art Mpa and Mackie Onyx

This time I'm checking out the Golden Age Project  Gap73-preamp.

The Gap73 hit the market a couple of years ago. It has been praised for being a quality preamp with a very moderate price tag ($300).

I'm testing it together with my other preamps, so these are the contenders:

  • Gap 73 (main object of the test)
  • Art MPA
  • Mackie Onyx 800r
Art Mpa

Mackie Onyx 800r
Nt5-1: Mpa Gap73
Nt5-2: Onyx Gap73
C1jjMod, Gap73: Trim17 Trim12 Trim9

You'll find wav 16bit and mp3 -files Here
Additional folders: Cad M179  Sm58  Elguitar(DI)  Bassguitar(DI)

Technical details:

Nt5 (matched pair) > Mpa > Rme Hdsp 9632
Nt5 (matched pair) > Gap73 > Rme Hdsp 9632 (#1 goes with the Mpa, the other with the Onyx)
Nt5 (matched pair) > Onyx > Mackie Onyx 800r

Recorded within 1,5dbFS, normalized to same RMS-level (100ms window)
Mpa: +20db, impedance 3 o'clock, Sovtek tubes
Gap73: Trim 12 o'clock

And I've added some more tests of the Gap73:
Studio Projects C1 jj mod > Gap73 > Rme Hdsp 9632
-> 3 trim/gain-positions

Recorded within 2dbFS, normalized to same RMS-level (100ms window)

The additional folders: No identical takes
El. guitar, Yamaha Pacifica 112J, DI, pickup middle, Earnie ball 10
Bassguitar, Morgan YB-48, DI, picup 50/50 neck/bridge

I've added some new files, see additional folders.

- I didn't fancy the Gap73-sound that much, kind of new that..
- The Gap73 wasn't the best match for my C1 jj mod, as both are a little dark.
- The gap73 sounded very nice on BassDI, and SM58 dynamic mic.
- Learned: "Trust your ears Luke"

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