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Friday, September 14, 2012

Building a small studio - Part 2: The plan

In Part1 I described how things are now.
In this post I'll try to formulate a plan for the new sound-studio, with pictures and drawings.

Note 1: This is plan version 1, and will probably change according to feedback from more experienced studio-builders and  knew insight along the way.
Note 2: Details about the plan will be posted in later posts.
See toc for overview.

General idea

My general idea is this:

3D-modell. Click for bigger image.
Front, from south

I'll make a double-wall construction for the sound-studio, 12,8 and 8,9/11,5cm wide, with a gap of 1cm. So that basically aplies for walls and roof. For the floor it's a floating (no: trinnlydspate) with insulation under.

This give me a space of 4,25m x 3,14 m and a hight of approx. 3,17m, in this shape:

Giving me a room-volume of .. (< 40m3)

My mixing-position will be facing north, with monitor-monitor-myhead making a triangle of 3 x 1,2m (approx)

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