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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snare Cajun: MILLENIUM CA1

This is a short review of a Snare Cajun, the MILLENIUM CA1

In short a Cajun is simply a wood-box, with a hole in the back. Snare Cajuns in addition have something like a snare strainer (see picture) to add a sound like a snare-drum.

The CA1 is a budget Cajun (paid EUR63 + shipping), and I feel I got a lot of value for the money. It's a simple construction -plain  with one snare strainer.
It gives moderate of snare sound, other models will give more. But, it's no better than, it's just taste.
Bass-sound is nice, I can't complain.
Overall nice, and for the price -yes, very good value.

You'll find some more info and audio-clips here


  1. Snare is weak and disappointing but its an entry level model. I think its best spending more on a full snare, preferably adjustable. The bass sound is pretty good though.

    1. Yes, snare is somewhat weak, but that's a little bit about preference for me.

  2. I think its pretty good. Its just to find out the exact spots and technique to get the right sound. It takes some practise but thats just the fun part. For its price I think its great.