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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reaper: ReaDynamicEq

I've made a preset/fx-chain for a Dynamic Equalizer in Reaper

What it is:
A Dynamic equalizer are used instead of an ordinary Eq when the chosen frequency needs to be tamed only at certain levels. So, it's sometimes less Eq, sometimes more.

Download here:
ReaDynamicEq -1band
ReaDynamicEq -3band

Download and installation:
  • Download the above files (save link as)
  • Copy to your "FxChains" -folder
    (Example: "C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\REAPER\FXChains\Dynamic Eq\")
Now, in Reaper, on desired track:
(This part is explained for the 1Band-version)
  • Right-click fx-button, navigate "add Fx Chain > Dynamic Eq > ... "

This opens the Track fx Window. You'll see two ReaEqs, ignore the first (it operates in slave-modus).

To adjust settings.
On the second ReaEq:
  • Frequenzy/Bandwidth: Adjust as desired
  • Gain: Gain works only in slave-modus here, see below..

Click on Gain, then "Param > Parameter Modulation". This will open the "Parameter Modulation for ReaEq"
  • .. baseline value: Adjust fixed band-gain here
  • Attack/Release: Adjust to taste
  • Min volume: Sets the Threshold (low) for when the gain-reduction should be applied
  • Max volume: Sets the Threshold (high) for when max gain-adjustment is reached
  • Strength: Sets the amount of gain-reduction (20% typically gives 4.4db reduction above Thres-high)

  1. Set Min and Max volume to zero and adjust Strength to get a clear view of how much gain-reduction a certain Strength-setting gives. 
  2. If you're used to tweaking with added gain, do that with ".. baseline value".
  3. Leave Max Volume at 0db for a more normal mode, or adjust downwards to give the compressor a more range-character. Adjust Strength accordingly.
  4. Add bands in the Eq to combine the dynamic band with normal EQ-bands.
  5. If you want to use shelving bands, you'll have to set the corresponding slave eq-band to "high/low-pass"



  1. Moopy Moopy Galoopy....

    Whats all this about then matey bubble.

    Compressor jargon?.. the mind boggles

  2. Thanks for this!! More complex than IQ4 but easier to use. DL link opens raw code which I had to copy/paste into txt then rename .rfxchain , might confuse others

    1. First step is "save link as" :)
      Anyway, I would strongly recommend TDR Nova over the old IQ4,